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Why Creating Profiles for Characters are Important

One technique authors use for their novels is to make character profiles for the main characters of their novel. It is a good idea so they won't forget what each character has gone through while they are writing it. The readers could also have a good idea of what to expect from each character which is why some of them would read it first blankbefore reading the story. This is so they could have a guide on what each character will bring to the story. The author should not mix everything up too as that would confuse the reader. For example, a character who was abused as a child should react differently from someone who was not. When all the characters are set, you can now make different situations based on the persona of each character. Even the author will be excited on what happens for each character as long as it will be one slow exciting build. It can be teased that a love triangle is happening and the suspense would really excite the reader as to who will benefit in the end. Both of them could have good reasons to win the love triangle but an unexpected twist can be thrown in the end. All characters can be involved in the climax of the story and the author can decide which ones will benefit from it. The author can add more characteristics to each profile as the story goes on. They could add more background stories to it as well and make it more interesting even while they are in the middle of making the story. Character profiles is a good fit for any genre as it can bring a whole new definition to one character in case the author wants the character to turn a new leaf. The profiles are ideal for the characters to have clear motivations in the story so it would be clear what they are out there for. It is not good for a character to be there to just be a decoration. When the character turns over a new leaf, make sure the update the character profile so it would update his or her emotions. For example, a character can be coming from a nasty divorce but in the end, the character can be a parent of five children. It is obvious the character is going to be really happy at the end.


The profiles are meant to be guides for the author and reader moving forward the story. The original profiles should be the one that is published for the reader so they won't contain any spoilers. It is a great guide for the dialogue because when you make someone to be a ruthless trash talking southern person then you know he is going to spew out a lot of foul language throughout the story. If the character is born to a rich family and is used to eating expensive meals then you know he is not going to treat other people fairly because he is used to being the boss around. It would be great to have a lot of characters in the story with different attitudes. It would make the story more interesting and a lot of people would want to read it. Nobody would want to read a story where each character basically does the same thing and has the same personality. There is always the stereotype bad guy and the stereotype good guy. However, not all stories feature the common good vs evil story we are all used to seeing. There are times when the author would want you to root for the bad guy but they have the good person win out in the end.